A Work in Progress

Roundel Wood

16 acres of 
 trees to climb, ponds to puddle, fires to flame,
 earth to mold, dens to build, 
bridges to cross, treasures to find:
 fun.... to have.

The idea of developing activity groups in Roundel Wood comes through having experienced from childhood and to this day my senses awakened and sharpened by the outdoors. Many people, old and young, think and feel better when outside....and especially when moving.

                Human Being = Brain + Body

In educational psychology there is a concept known as the zone of proximal development, where we learn best, or are in a state of "flow". I think this could also be called the fun zone and it's where I believe all learning activities should be aiming. Not easy but that's the plan.

I have some plans but would love to hear from anyone with ideas and inspiration, especially if interested in helping develop the potential of the woods. Contact me at, roundelwoods@gmail.com


Numbers will be limited to 10-15 children. There will be at least 2 responsible adults at all times. Parents are welcome to remain on site and help, observe, or just enjoy the woodland. 

Risk assessments are carried out to ensure all activities are as safe as necessary, but not necessarily as safe as possible. Children need to take risks to explore the world and develop confidence. A woodland has certain inherent characteristics such as for example uneven ground and other trip hazards, many sharp, hard objects, as well as plants and insects which may bite or sting. These types of minor risks can result in scratches, cuts and bruises, an inevitable part of childhood, and normally not at all serious.

A hot drink will be provided, but each child should also bring along an energy boosting snack.     

Toilets are conventional woodland toilets, that is behind trees and bushes. A hygiene pack containing hand wash, toilet paper and wipes is available.  

Consent forms including personal medical and contact information need to be filled in and received prior to starting a group. These will be emailed  on request.

The Weather is an integral and unavoidable part of the outdoor experience. Children need to be equipped with clothing and footwear which is designed to keep them reasonably warm and dry; layers are better as many activities will be warming in themselves. 

A Tarpaulin Shelter serves as a space for activities when the weather is more inclement. Sessions will go ahead in most weather conditions, but it may occasionally be necessary to cancel a session. In this case either a refund or additional session at later date will be offered.

I spent 12 years after leaving High School travelling independently around various parts of the world, a kind of gap decade. In my late 20's I signed up for a B.Ed Primary Teaching degree, but one year in realised the indoor environment didn't suit me at all. 
Some more travelling then a move to Edinburgh where I worked initially in theatre and then tourism. I bought my first flat, and met my wife, Susannah. In the late 90's, following an interest generally in building and fixing things, I settled into property and project management.  We moved to North Queensferry, our two children, Jonah and Coco came along, and my work focus shifted to deeper environmental issues and energy efficiency. I soon discovered however that despite being a CO2 reducing, money saving no-brainer, draughts and insulation were a very hard sell.
In 2005 we bought Roundel Woods, initially intending to create bespoke tree house self catering though this proved too costly and complex. It dawned only recently that my earlier interest in formal education might be better engaged in an outdoor environment.

Towards this I recently completed a Level 2 NCFE Woodland Activity Leader course at Wild Things! and a qualification in Paediatric 1st Aid.

For any more info please contact me through, roundelwoods@gmail.com.